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Magic Water Pens

Magic Water Pens

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inches cm
5 3 8.66 22
5.5 3.5 8.66 22
6 4 9.06 23
6.5 4.5 9.25 23.5
7 5 9.45 24
7.5 5.5 9.65 24.5
8 6 9.84 25
8.5 6.5 10.04 25.5
9 7 10.24 26.01
9.5 7.5 10.43 26.49
10 8 10.63 27

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10 seconds to keep the kids entertained for hours?

Ignite your child's imagination with Water Painting Floating Ink Magic Pens, where ink transforms into vibrant floating artwork on water. Spark creativity and provide endless artistic fun for your little ones with this captivating tool, making it an ideal gift for parents seeking a magical and educational experience for their kids.

Child-Friendly and Safe!

With non-toxic and safe materials, you can have peace of mind while your little ones explore their artistic abilities.

Kids always saying they're bored? They'll never be bored again...

Our magic pens are the simplestress-free and fun way to give the kids an activity that’ll keep them entertained for hours and hours

Magical Ink Transformations

Begin by filling a container with water, then dip the pen's tip into the water, allowing the ink to soak.

As you touch the pen to paper, witness the magical ink flow effortlessly, creating beautiful strokes and vibrant colors. Explore different techniques like blending, layering, and adding textures.

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